Introducing “Catechism in a Year”

Source: Vatican

Over the last several months, there have been a few ideas about how I can use Catholica Omnia to be an evangelization tool for non-Catholics as well as a learning tool for Catholics. One idea that recently came to mind was presenting daily posts that give articles from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Throughout the next year, seven articles from the Catechism will be posted here daily with no commentary. The comment boxes will be open for everyone to discuss the presented articles. Everyone is encouraged to¬† join in on the conversation–whether you are rock solid in your faith or if you have questions. From experience, whenever I have had questions about my faith arise, I turned to the Catechism for answers. Sometimes, the Catechism fueled more questions, which I took to priests, deacons, and seminarian friends of mine. Nonetheless, my faith was developed further by the reading of the Catechism. My hope is that this will be a learning experience for all of you as well.

“Catechism in a Year” will begin tomorrow. Let us pray that the Spirit may guide us always, in everything that we do.

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